An Ode to Gin (with apologies to Dr Seuss)

It’s World Gin Day on Saturday, across the whole planet,

So get out and drink your fair share dammit!

This juniper liquor, so crisp and delicious,Bloody Mary cropped

And with the right garnish, undeniably nutritious.


I’ll list many ways to enjoy this fine spirit,

And if you think of another, well I want to hear it.

Before Gin was Genever, so thanks to the Dutch,

For foresight and cleverness that’s given so much.

Now there’s Plymouth, there’s Sloe, or a classic London Dry,

And boutique local gins, all worth a try.


2016-05-13 18.51.26A Bijou, a Bloodhound, a Bronx or a Rickey,

Yes, choosing gin cocktails can sometimes be tricky.

A Fizz, a Tom Collins,

Or a Singapore Sling,

A Pink Lady, a Gimlet,

Perhaps The Last Word’s your thing?




Or maybe you fancy a Martini that’s Dirty?

Try Nicholson’s, from London, since 1730.

Or if you want gin from a Down Under Land

Try Archie Rose or Four Pillars in your Monkey Gland.2016-02-29 13.14.30


You can sashay on up to your bartender Toni,

And ask for a London Fog,

A Salty Dog,

Or a classic Negroni.


2015-12-06 17.23.46-2

Just remember to pause on Gin’s special day,

And savour its fabulousness in your own way.

Because Gin’s been delighting for hundreds of years

It deserves to be toasted, so here’s to Gin – Cheers!




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