Salut, my friends!

We’re gearing up for a trip to Japan this week.2016-04-06 08.35.03

Not a future trip, but a journey back in time
to 1992 to when my fascination with rockmelons was clearly at its peak.

There will also be Japanese whisky, Spartacus and a Ken Done jumper.

But that’s tomorrow.

For now, we need to do some important glass raising to a couple of Shake, Stir, Muddle friends who are having big weeks.

Liz Ellis, a kick-arse broad who is as sassy and smart as Mae West and Katharine Hepburn, has delivered another project this week with the arrival of a baby boy.

While2a6f2515aeb34615777c36c7930cc349 she’s been out of action as a research partner for nine months, we had a couple of great cocktailian chats on ABC Radio earlier this year.

So, although she’s a while off being able to enjoy one herself, I’m raising a Bellini to Liz this week – Prosecco and peach puree – sweet, light and joyful. Everything I hope these next few months will be for her.

And Dom Knight finishes up on ABC Radio’s Evening Show this week. Tune in for his remaining shows.

We had a fun chat a few weeks ago about the very first classic coca-farewell-to-hemingway-smallktail – the Old Fashioned.

But to toast his next move, which I assume will involve more writing, I’m pulling out the cherry brandy and mixing up A Farewell to Hemingway.

Liz and Dom, the Muddlers salute you.


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